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System Development

Development for Web, Mobile and Desktop

My skills & experience with system development, both front and backend is highly focused on developing solid modular code that is reliable, highly scalable and conforms to the highest coding standards.

I have experience working alone, and in groups with up to 6 other developers and am very comfortable in both situations. I have developed using mutliple languages, frameworks and techniques and I'm always happy to learn something new.
Past projects have allowed me to work using the following languages:
  • PHP (Expert level)
  • SQl (High level)
  • JavaScript (Expert level)
  • GraphQl (Medium level)
  • Python (Medium Level)
  • Bash (Medium Level)
  • Java (Low Level)
  • Swift (Low Level)
  • C# (Low Level)

Overview of frameworks and tech:
  • Laravel, Lumen (Expert level)
  • VueJS, Nuxt (Expert level)
  • React Native (High level)
  • Symfony (Medium level)
  • ElectronJS (Medium level)
  • React, AngularJS (Medium level)