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Mobile app development

React Native

React Native has been one of the most popular mobile app development frameworks in the last few years it's used to build both Android and iOS apps. React Native allows the development of high-performance apps in shorter development cycles and decreases deployment times.

I have experience building, and working on a wide variety of cross platform mobile applications, mainly built using react native. This includes Games, CMS type systems as well as management applications for user based booking systems.
I've spent time working on the following areas in the mobile app development process:
  • Integration with API's and serverless backends.
  • Working with deeplinking, push notifications and app notifications.
  • Building both In app purchases and apps that integrate with thrid party payment providers, Stripe etc.
  • Security and performance optimization.
  • Developing apps that have the capacity to effortlessly be whitelabeled.
  • UX and UI development.

Relevant projects

Mobile app development projects I've worked on using React Native