Overwatch Research

I've contracted for a little over 2 years as an overflow resource for Overwatch, developing all-in-one experimental tracking software for in vivo research.

The software is built using Laravel and ReactJS, working alongside their in-house team I've helped build a variety of different parts of the system.
Overwatch Research Logo
Overwatch Research App
Overwatch Research App


Docbloc is a startup in the early stages, the intention is to rival the likes of swagger when it comes to building and maintaining api documentation software.

The software is built using Laravel as the api and a React (NextJS) frontend.

⁠I am the lead developer and co-owner of Docbloc, I manage development, infrastructure and DevOps for the project.
Docbloc - REST api documentation tool

Pebble - Till

The Till app was built for Pebble, a point of sale system for schools and colleges.

The app is a convenient way for students, parents and staff to manage catering payments. Pay on account at the till, and check balances and purchases anytime, anywhere.

⁠I was the lead developer building the app, we used flutter and integrated with Pebbles apis, the uses AWS Cognito for authentication.
Pebble Till Home screen
Pebble till app user screen

Goodtill Loyalty

The project included building a loyalty and food ordering app for SumUp owned company Goodtill, as well as the main loyalty app being built this contract also included white-labelling the app for Goodtill customers that were interested in having their own version of the app branded to them.

The apps are built using React Native and firebase, as well as included shared component libraries that help keep the apps maintained.
Goodtill by Sumup goodies app
Goodtill Goodies app image


Snippet is an open-source developer tool I developed, it was built using TypeScript and is a Visual Studio Code extension with just under 20, 000 downloads at the time of writing this.

⁠I am also currently working on porting the same tool to other common IDE's such as Intelij and Atom.
Snippet VScode extension

Unum Behavioural Health

I have lead the mobile app development for the Unum Behavioural Health app that is available in app stores in the US.

⁠The app is built using React Native, and integrates with various other services. I've worked alongside the Version1 team to take the app from planning to production while adhearing to strict guidelines and practises as set by the client.

Unum BH
Unum Behavioural Health

kind words

Devon has always been a reliable and trustworthy extension to the development team here at Intelivita. Whether we task Devon with clients that are startups, SME's or multi-nationals, he has always provided engaging and outstanding work ethic to ensure our Customers are extremely satisfied.

Oliver Baker @ Intelivita

Devon contracted for Overwatch at a critical period as we were hiring a backend developer. Going beyond working as a bridge of support in this time, Devon worked diligently to help push our Roadmap forward at a stellar pace. His problem solving ability, work ethic and technical competency make Devon an impactful contractor that I would recommend to any fledgling start up.

Graham Wilsdon @ Overwatch Research

Devon was absolutely fantastic to help us out on a complex app implementation and roll out the product to a wider merchant base. I found him to be an extremely professional, diligent and solution oriented individual.

Animesh Chowdhury @ Goodtill by SumUp

Devon is a great developer. He has good knowledge and always provides good suggestions for technical solutions. He’s creative and puts forwards good ideas to help us improve our digital experience. Importantly, he is very easy to work with and is a nice guy; he works well with our other freelancers and I personally enjoy working with him.

Dana Taylor @ ZoomEv

In 2020, Devon worked on a project to develop the front-end of our app, using Flutter. Based on our requirements and designs, he met our expectations and successfully completed the project. During development and testing, he proved very collaborative in trying to resolve issues be it technical or design related and offered practical compromises. We were happy with the final delivery and used him once again to add a feature to the app in early 2021. Outside of the project, Devon has been amenable to offering support, which has been greatly appreciated.

Tanzila Mohammad @ Nortaq

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