I work on a number of projects in a freelance capacity for digital agencies and tech companies around the world, I am unable to list most of these projects here in order to protect confidentiality with clients. Feel free to get in touch and I will be able to give you an overview of project requirements, timescales and tech.

E-Commerce System & API (Indigo Distribution)

VueJS, Nuxt, Laravel, GraphQL

Internal Sales platform CMS (QBE)

VueJS, Laravel

POS Rewards Application (Poppies Points)

Ionic, Cordova, AngularJS

Internal Onboarding Desktop Application (SeeMe Hired)

ElectronJS, Sympfony

Progressive Web App (Mallcomm Plus)

VueJS, Pusher, Lumen

React Native Game & CMS (Geo Photo)

React Native, Firebase, VueJS

Mobile App Landing Page (Footij)

Nuxt, Express

Audio Looper


Interactive Product Finder (Smiths Detection)

VueJS / Wordpress

Website Builder Platform (One Suffolk)

SilverStripe, AngularJS

Community Outreach Website (Suffolk ProHelp)

Wordpress, JQuery

Business Website (Indlovu Capital)